International Congress on Polymers in Concrete

Washington D.C., USA

ICPIC 2018

International Congress of Polymers in Concrete 2018 (ICPIC) took place in Washington, D.C., from April 29 to May 1st, 2018. It has been held under the theme “Polymers for Resilient and Sustainable Concrete Infrastructure.”

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Owen Nutt

During the ICPIC 2018 Prof. Ru Wang (Tongji University, China) and Prof. Jose B. Aguiar (University of Minho, Portugal) were awarded as the Owen Nutt winners for outstanding achievements in the field of Concrete-Polymer Composites.

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Election 2018


ICPIC Board during the last meeting that took place at ICPIC 2018 conference has elected prof. Andrzej Garbacz for a three-year term of office. He has proposed and there was approved a new team of Officers.

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Warsaw, POLAND

ICPIC 2022

The next ICPIC will take place June 26-29th, 2022 in Warsaw, POLAND. ICPIC President invites everyone related to the subject of Concrete-Polymer Composites, both form industry and academic, to participate in this event.

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The gallery presents some pictures from ICPIC 2018 conference held in Washington D.C.