Owen Nutt Award Winners

Owen Nutt is an Award dediacted to distingush persons:

  1. who has made years of contributions to the field of Concrete-Polymer Composites.
  2. who has made outstanding achievements for academic or technological developments in the field of Concrete-Polymer Composites.

Award recipients are selected in the year when ICPIC conference is held.

Awards are presented during the ICPIC conference opening ceremony or congress dinner whan a plaque and a written statement are given to the award recipients.

In the past years the awarded persons are:

2018 Prof. Ru Wang (China)
Prof. Jose B.Aguiar (Portugal)
2015 Mr. David P. Whitney (USA)
Prof. Andrzej Garbacz (Poland)
2013 Prof. Anne Beeldens (Belgium)
2010 Prof. Makoto Kawakami (Japan)
Prof. Kyu-Seok Yeon (Korea)
2007 Prof. Dionys Van Gemert (Belgium)
2004 Prof. Lech Czarnecki (Poland)
Dr Peter Seidler (Germany)
2001 Prof. Yoshihiko Ohama (Japan)
1998 James T. Dikeou (USA)
Glenn W. DePuy (USA)
1995 Prof. David Fowler (USA)
1992 Prof. Vladimir Paturoev (USSR)
1990 Prof. Yiun-Yuan Huang (China)