Code of Regulations


General Provisions

Section 1 (Name) This corporation (the “Corporation”) shall be called “International Congress on Polymers in Concrete (ICPIC).”

Section 2 (Purpose) The purpose of the Corporation shall be to make contributions to academic advancement and technological dissemination on Concrete-Polymer Composites (C-P C).

Section 3 (Activities) The Corporation, to achieve the purposes of Section 2, shall carry out the following activities.

a. Host country selection and administration for the Conference (ICPIC)
b. Academic exchanges including joint seminars and workshops
c. Publication of specialized books on C-P C
d. Provision of up-to-date technical information on C-P C
e. Support for small-scale academic gatherings held in individual countries related to C-P C
f. Awarding of those contributing to academic and technological advancement on C-P C
g. Other activities necessary to achieve the purposes of the Corporation

Section 4 (Office) Main office of the Corporation shall be located in a city of such country to which the Corporation’s President belongs.



a. Members of the Corporation shall be Officers including President, Vice – President, Treasurer and Secretary, and the Board of Directors (the “Board”).
b. In addition, the Corporation may establish International Advisory Group. Section 2 (Qualifications for Membership)
c. Officers shall have participated in ICPIC at least four (4) times, and shall have academic expertise.
d. Members of the Board shall have participated in ICPIC at least twice or published in ICPIC at least two papers, and shall be interested in the activities of the Corporation.
e. Members of the International Advisory Group shall have served as ICPIC President or shall have participated in ICPIC at least five (5) times.



Section 1 (Officers)

a. Officers shall consist of the President, Vice – President, Treasurer and Secretary.
b. Officers shall become members of the Executive Committee

Section 2 (Election and Term of Office)

a. The President shall be elected by consent of a majority of the Board Members.
b. Other Officers shall be elected by recommendation of the newly-elected President and consent of a majority of the Board Members.
c. All Officers shall be elected at such regular meetings held when the ICPIC is held.
d. Term of office for the Officers shall be from the time of their election to the time of their successors’ election, and generally shall not exceed three (3) years.
e. In the vacancy of Officers, their successors may be elected in special meetings of the Board, and the successors’ term of office shall be the remaining term of office of the predecessors.

Section 3 (Duties and Authorities) Officers, as members of the Board, shall have voting rights, and the following duties and authorities.

A. President
a. President shall represent the ICPIC, and shall be the chairman of the Board.
b. President shall oversee all activities of the Corporation.

B. Vice – President
a. Vice – President shall takes charge of planning the activities under Article 1, Section 3.
b. In the President’s absence, Vice-President shall act for the President

C. Treasurer
a. Treasurer shall negotiate and sign contracts with third parties.
b. Treasurer shall be responsible for financial management and accounting.

D. Secretary
a. Secretary shall carry out communications, preparation of minutes, management of files, etc. for the ICPIC, and support holding of the Board meetings.
b. Office of the Secretary may be established to help the President carry out his/her duties.

E. Executive Committee
a. Executive Committee shall develop and execute ICPIC’s major policies.
b. Executive Committee shall carry out decision-making for important matters
c. Executive Committee shall carry out deliberation for budget-requiring activities.


Board of Directors (the “Board”)

Section 1 (Election and Term of Office for Directors)

a. Directors shall be elected by consent of a majority in the regular meetings in principle but, if necessary, may be elected in the special meetings.
b. Directors may serve continuously without a fixed term of office.

Section 2 (Responsibilities and Authorities)

a. All members of the Board shall have responsibilities and authorities to participate in the activities of ICPIC.
b. The above shall include attending the Board meetings and exercising voting rights

Section 3 (Total Number and Dismissal)

a. The total number of Directors shall be unfixed.
b. Directors may resign by written notice to the President.
c. Directors absent from ICPIC twice or more consecutively may be dismissed by decisions of the Executive Committee.

Section 4 (Subcommittees) The Board shall establish and operate the following subcommittees for efficient running of the Corporation’s activities.

a. International exchange : Planning and operation for seminars, workshops, research exchanges, etc.
b. Publications : Planning and publication for technical data packages, special publications, newsletters, etc.
c. Conference management : ICPIC conference planning and supporting
d. Website operations : Website reorganization and management, maintenance (Design, Database establishment, Upload, etc.)


International Advisory Group

Section 1 (Appointment and Term of Officer)

a. There shall be no limitation on the number of International Advisory Group members, who shall be elected among Directors by the Executive Committee and appointed by the President.
b. Term of office for an International Advisory Group member shall be unfixed and continue unless such member resigns.

Section 2 (Roles and Authorities)

a. International Advisory Group shall give advice on important matters of the Corporation if requested by the President.
b. International Advisory Group, as to any matters it finds problematic in the running of the Corporation, may request the President to make improvement.


Meetings of the Board of Directors

Section 1 (Types of Meetings of the Board) The Board shall hold regular meetings and special meetings.

Section 2 (Regular Meetings)

a. Regular meetings shall be convened for purposes of handling agenda of the meeting, deciding policy issues, reviewing reports submitted to the Board, etc.
b. Regular meetings shall be held when ICPIC is held.

Section 3 (Special Meetings)

a. Special meetings shall be convened to handle urgent matters that cannot wait until the regular meetings.
b. Special meetings may be held by sending the agenda and receiving opinions thereon through e-mails.
c. Special meetings may be convened if proposed by the Executive Committee or if requested in writing by at least 25% of the Board Members.

Section 4 (Notices of Meetings) The schedule and agenda of the regular/special meetings shall be notified to the Board Members at least 14 days prior to such meetings by mail or e-mail.

Section 5 (Resolutions)

a. Quorum for resolutions of the Board meetings shall be met when a majority of the Board Members are present (in person or by proxy).
b. All agenda submitted to the Board meetings shall be resolved by consent of a majority of the Board Members (quorum shall be met too).
c. Any Board Member may exercise his/her voting right and other rights through a proxy designated by him/her. However, the same shall not apply in special meetings.



Section 1 (Financial Resources) The Corporation shall be financed by the following revenues.

a. Conference (ICPIC) registration fees
b. Revenues from the Corporation-operated businesses
c. Contributions received
d. Other revenues

Section 2 (Business Year) Business year of the Corporation shall be from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

Section 3 (Statement of Accounts) Statement of accounts shall be reported at regular meetings of the Board.



There shall be furnished such records as accounting books, Board meeting minutes, and registers for members and Advisory Group members (name, home or office address, phone number, e-mail address).


Supplementary Rules

Section 1 (Revision) This Regulation may be revised or abolished in the regular/special meetings of the Board.

Section 2 (Effective Date) This Regulation shall become effective on the date of passing the regular/special meeting of the Board.