Agreement between International Congress on Polymers in Concrete and Host Organization for ICPIC- 0000

1. The host institution should be a non-profit scientific or educational organization such as a university or research foundation.

Name of host organization:

2. The congress should be co-sponsored by one or more recognized technical or professional societies, or similar organizations with relevant interests.

Name of co-sponsors:

3. Financial arrangements. The host institution must demonstrate financial balance. The host institution must arrange sufficient financial backing to cover all expenses. The ICPIC Board will not be liable for any expenses, damages, or claims arising from the planning, organizing, or conduct of a Congress.

a. Fees paid to ICPIC
i) If the number of paid participants is more than 200, then 10 percent of the registration fees, must be paid to the Board at the conclusion of the Congress.
ii) In addition, an additional payment of 10 percent of the gross receipts from exhibitions, advertisements, and other income will be made to the Board.
iii) And if the number of paid participants is less than 200, then the ICPIC Board will share 30% of the net profit from the conference if there is any.
iv) The ICPIC Board will help to promote the participation, advertisement, exhibition and sponsorship for the conference. But the ICPIC Board will not bear any loss for the conference.
b. A tentative budget based on estimated costs and revenues must be submitted prior to the Board’s approval of the host organization for the Congress. The budget should show:
an itemization of estimated expenses
estimated attendance
estimated registration fees
estimated income from exhibits
estimated contributions and grants from sponsors and guarantors
estimated sales of proceedings
Date of submission of tentative budget to the Board:
c. Funding to balance the budget must be pre-arranged, such as by
guarantees from sponsors
grants in aid
promissory notes or letters of credit from sponsors, commercial institutions, or trade organization
d. The host institution will submit a final budget showing an itemization of all expenses and all income from the Congress within 6 months after the conclusion of the Congress.

4. The official language of the Congress shall be English. All sessions and all proceedings shall be published in English. If a presenter cannot present in English, the presenter must arrange someone to present on his behalf in English

5. High quality proceedings will be published and available for distribution at the time of the Congress.

6. At least 50 papers shall be presented at the Congress. All papers will be subjected to peer review. All papers to be published in English shall be reviewed by at least one peer who is conversant in English.

7. The host organization shall provide the Board with a planning schedule to include

a. Date of the first announcement, approximately 18-24 months before the Congress, to include date of the Congress, location, and themes.
b. Schedule for follow-up announcements, and call for papers.
c. List of journals and other media publications in which publicity and announcements of the Congress would be published.
d. Date abstracts due.
e. Date manuscripts due.
f. Date authors will be notified of acceptance of paper.
g. Date your screening of papers will be completed.
h. Date proceedings will be published.

Name :
(B) Host Organization
Name :
Title : Title :
Date : Date :