Owen Nutt Award Selection Committee Regulations



The purpose of this Regulation is to provide the procedures for the selection and operation of the Owen Nutt Award Selection Committee (hereinafter the “Committee”).



Composition of the Committee shall be as follows.
1. The Committee shall consist of Officers, International Advisory Group Members, and Board Members including the Committee chair.
2. The ICPIC President shall be the Committee chair and, if he/she is unable to perform his/her duties, the Vice President shall act for the President..



The Committee shall select recipients of the Owen Nutt Award in a fair manner.



Committee meetings shall be run as follows.
1. Committee meetings shall be done via e-mail interaction with all the Committee members and will be convened by the chair. Committee resolutions shall be passed by the majority of the total Committee members and consent of a majority of the Committee members present.
2. Proposals for agenda items and resolutions of the meeting shall be submitted by e-mail, and the Committee shall respond by email.


Qualification for award

The award recipient shall satisfy one or more of the following requirements:
1. A person who has made years of contributions to the field of Concrete-Polymer Composites.
2. A person who has made outstanding achievements for academic or technological developments in the field of Concrete-Polymer Composites.


Nomination of candidates

Candidates for the award shall be nominated as follows.
1. Nomination shall be made by two (2) or more Committee members.
2. Nomination shall be made at least three (3) months before the opening of the coming conference of ICPIC.


Nomination form

Nomination forms shall include the following.
1. Personal information (name, date of birth, place of work, and title)
2. Contact information (address, phone number, and e-mail address)
3. Achievements (limited to approximately 1500 words)
4. Names of the nominators (at least two (2) Committee members)


Selection of award recipient

Award recipients shall be selected as follows.
1. Where there are multiple nominees, a Committee member can only cast his/her vote for one (1) candidate.
2. Where there are multiple nominees, the nominee receiving the largest number of votes shall be the award recipient. If the winner of the first round vote does not receive the majority of the votes, there shall be run-off with the top two being balloted again.
3. Even if there is only one (1) candidate, the candidate has to receive more than two-third of the total votes to be an award recipient.
4. If no candidate meets the preceding requirements or if there is no candidate, there shall be no award recipient.
5. Under justified circumstances, two persons, who received the maximal and the second to the maximal numbers of voices, could be selected as the Owen Nutt Award Winners in the given year.
6. The award recipient can be a team of two or more persons, if the relevant contributions as defined under Article 5.1 and 5.2 here above are delivered in close collaboration among the persons. This close collaboration must be explicitly proven in the achievements document, see Article 7.3.
7. Selection of the award recipient shall be made one (1) month before the opening of the coming conference of ICPIC, and the recipient shall be notified in writing by e-mail.


Presentation of award

Awards shall be presented as follows.
1. Award recipients shall only be selected in the year when ICPIC is held.
2. Awards shall be presented in the ICPIC opening ceremony or congress dinner.
3. A plaque and a written statement shall be given to the award recipients.



Matters not specified in this Regulation may be decided by resolution of the Committee.