22 February 2021 Tomasz Piotrowski0

Prof Andrzej Garbacz – the ICPIC President,  during the closing ceremony in Washington DC, has announced that the next ICPIC conference will take place in Warsaw, POLAND between October 11-13th, 2021.

Due to pandemic situation all over the world the next ICPIC conference has been moved to June 26-29th, 2022. It is planned i a form of Hybrid Conference.

The first official announcement and call for proposals will be published soon.


14 August 2018 Tomasz Piotrowski0

Department of Building Materials Engineering (DBME) of Warsaw University of Technology and
Building Research Institute invite to attend the European Symposium on Polymers
in Sustainable Construction which is going to be held in Warsaw (Poland) on September 6 – 7th, 2011.

The aim of the ESPSC 2011 Symposium is the exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge on the issues related to building sustainable construction. Symposium is organized in cooperation with the International Congress on Polymers in Concrete ICPIC.
In the framework of ESPSC 2011he L.Czarnecki’s Symposium will be organized in honour of Prof. Lech Czarnecki to celebrate his scientific achievements in the field of polymers in concrete.
For more information visit the ESPSC 2011 website (check left-hand menu).


14 August 2018 Tomasz Piotrowski0

Between 5th and 6th of July, 2012, in Tokyo (Japan) the very special event took place in the framework of the ICPIC-Japan Chapter:

International Workshop on Sustainable Materials and Structures – 2012 (IWSMS 2012) in honour of Professor Makoto Kawakami who has retired this year. The workshop was the opportunity to express the tribute to distinguished Professor M. Kawakami, awarded the Owen Nutt Award.

The International Workshop on Sustainable Materials and Structures – 2012 (IWSMS 2012) included four thematic sessions:

Sustainable Infrastructures;

Sustainable Materials;

Sustainable Structures;


The final session was the Special Session by prof. Makoto Kawakami from Akita University, Japan, summerazing his profesional career of the scientist, researcher and didactic supervisor of many doctoral students.

During the IWSMS 2012 workshop except having the oportunity to listen to the lecters if several sessions, the Participants had chance to visit the Shimizu Corporation Institute of Technology; Etchujima, Tokyo.

On this special occasion of the Jubilee of academic and professional work
of Prof. Makoto Kawakami, on the behalf of all members
of the International Comunity on Polymers in Concrete,
we would like to congratulate him and to thank him
for the many years of the great contribution into realization
of ICPIC’s goals and spreading the IPIC’s ideas.

We would like also to wish him all the best
in his personal life and in the
further activities.